To use the autosettle feature, you need to have a Coinbase account. Create one on

1. Go to Set up > Payout settings > Coinbase

To begin, head over to Sprintcheckout dashboard set up section, and tap the Coinbase tab:

Contact our team to add the network-token pairs you want to accept to your account.

2. Copy your Coinbase public address

3. Paste it on the Dashboard

Select the fiat or token for autosettlement (select “No” to disable autosettlement).

Contact our team to add the fiat or token you want to swap to your account.

4. Go to Coinbase API and create an API key

Remember to check the “Trade” permissions checkbox.

Copy the API keys.

5. Paste the API keys into your account

For testing purposes, we recommend selecting the light template and adding a small amount.

In this example, when the user pays with USDC, the funds will go to the Coinbase account and autosettle to the selected fiat, e.g. GBP.